Patience with Tied Hands

Patience with Tied Hands

About Sabine

Sabine Jacobs was born on July 19th in a small town near Salzburg, Austria, Europe. After spending the better part of six years abroad, she now again lives full-time in Austria together with her husband.

Sabine developed a fascination with photography very early on. Throughout her studies and especially after graduating from the University of Salzburg, photography more or less forced its way into her life. She finally decided to become a full-time photographer in 2009.

After working on countless and varied assignments over the years, she decided in Autumn 2014 to explore a new direction in photography - Fine Art Portraiture. It allowed her to explore and re-discover her own creativity and she started to create what she calls "Dreamworlds".

"Dreamworlds" allow her to make the impossible possible, to create fairy-tale images that have little to do with the matter-of-fact nature of her image agency work or assignment shoots. At the same time, however, fine art photography keeps her eyes fresh for her ongoing work for her clients.

Sabine uses the skills she acquired over the years and adds elements of surprise, surrealism, and fantasy. Her photography allows the viewer to enter a world different from their own, reside for a while, and leave with a fresh look on what is possible and real. And what is not.