Welcome to Dreamworlds!

Wow! It has been a journey and a long one at that!

But first, let me WELCOME you to my new website, to my Dreamworlds. My journey into Dreamworlds started in September 2014. My journey into photography, however, started a long time ago (if you are curious to learn more about that, please go to my About page). I have been working as a full-time photographer since 2009 and whatever my assignment was, however big or small, it has always brought me great happiness and satisfaction. Last year marked a change. I wanted to change. I wanted to change what I was doing. I needed a new direction in my life and wanted to use the medium I had gotten to know so well to not only document the world around me, but to use it to create a new world around me. At least in my images!

I wanted to add a new direction to what I was already doing photographically. Changing direction, learning new things, and giving yourself wholly to something yet unknown to yourself often requires a bit of courage and faith. I'm glad I took that step because what I received was more than I could have asked for. With my Fine Art Portraits I can create new worlds, express thoughts, emotions, philosophies. It allows me to create surreal scenarios that could not be further removed from the photographic work I'm doing on a day-to-day basis. It brought a necessary balance into my photographic-creative life, it allowed me to slow my pace and look at life from a more reflective perspective once again. And it also changed me a little as a person.

Apart from all that.........man, it is just so much fun creating these little pieces of impossible realities! I hope you enjoy these images and come back often! The journey has just begun.....