Of Losing Oneself in the Search - Latest image and speed edit video!

I'm sure you have experienced times in your life when everything seems to be falling apart and nothing feels familiar anymore. You might not recognize yourself or your behavior and actions anymore. So many changes happen that you have never asked for or wanted and you feel like you cannot keep up. You struggle through, doing the best you can to not lose yourself along the way.

But maybe you DO lose your way, a part of yourself, of what you have been used to, and the day comes when you just need to acknowledge that. It becomes quiet, your mind becomes quiet. You adjust and get used to what's new, what's changed and what's lost.

And right there and then you discover slowly but surely that you have gained more than you have lost, that the lost parts of yourself and your life that you mourned for a long time needed to go just like dead branches on a tree. They needed to be cut off so you can grow again. These transitional periods in your life give you more than they take away. Eventually, they allow you to unlock gates that lead to better, brighter roads ahead. In the end, you find yourself.

Of Losing Oneself in the Search