Stand Guard

Hello everyone!

I worked on this image last week but had shot the components a few weeks ago. I'm not entirely happy with the result and chances are that I will take this piece offline eventually and start editing (and possibly shooting) from scratch. The process, though, was a fun experience and I recorded the editing process - purely for your viewing pleasure :)

It is not hard to tell that this piece is a "part 2" of my image Guarding Dreams. I do plan and sketch out some of my images or at least start shooting and editing with a specific idea in mind. Guarding Dreams and Stand Guard developed simply because I wanted to do something cool with a key ;) During the editing process, however, one of my strongest traits emerged and took control - to protect the people I love, our home, goals and dreams, principles, and sanctuaries. I'm sure many people can relate to that. This is also what makes the editing process so interesting to me. I start out with a fun prop and end up with an image in front of me that, at best, is Sabine in a nutshell ;) I don't consciously think about a specific message, it somehow pops up and manifests itself in an image. The creative process is just full of surprises!

I hope you like this piece and get a kick out of the video below! If you would like to see a few more speed edits that you might have missed in the past, visit my YouTube channel, drop a like, or, even better, subscribe :)