Dreamcatcher - shooting "fun"

So.........there is inspiration, a creative force, passion, an idea, motivation. There are the right props, the right light, the right dress, the right attitude, the right lens, a quiet minute. You take all these ingredients together and maybe, only maybe you are able to create something of a little bit of artistic, photographic value.

That being said....I had such a hard time with this image! I had all the ingredients but it just wouldn't click. No pun intended. I shot the various elements for the image twice, slept over it multiple nights, made several sketches, tried a multitude of backgrounds. While doing my second shoot (and I rarely do second shoots) I needed all the help I could get. In my case it was music and incense sticks and a self-inflicted kick in the butt ;) My time to create is very limited right now, so on shooting day it was a matter of now-or-never. You see, I lose interest in my own creative ideas if it takes too long to execute. And I soooooo wanted to bring this little vision to life! So I did and I'm so happy I did! Not everybody will like this image, of course. But it means a lot to me.

The struggle is real, people....here are a few (very stupid) behind-the-scenes aka in my living room pictures of the shoot. Yup, the gymnastics ball was the "moon".......

Lastly, here is a photo of an illustration by Luciano Lozano that gave me the initial idea for the image! Pretty cool, eh?