"Against the Current" - video and big version!

I published "Against the Current" this week after taking forever to "sleep on it" and edit a little more (only to go back to the original version). Those of you who follow my work a little bit know that I always like to or try to stay with a theme for more than one image. So, "Against the Current" is part 2 of my paper plane series. Who knows.....I might do a third one; I have too much fun with it :)

I did a quick before & after for this image again. I don't get many views on YouTube but you know what? I truly don't care! If somebody watches and gets something out of it - great! But I also make them for myself, to see my own progress, my mistakes; it allows me to observe how I evolve with my type of photography, step by step. Plus, I have fun making this kind of video! So...let's let the fun begin:

"Against the Current"