Breaking Habits"

Breaking Habits

There is nothing more important in our personal development than taking the time to review ourselves and our life. Reviewing our habits, our relationships, the status quo of our way of life helps us determine what we need to get let go of, what is good and bad, and what we are happy with. An honest look at ourselves allows us to take the steps necessary that eventually (and hopefully) will lead to a life that truly makes us happy. Sometimes minor changes are necessary, often bigger ones and every once in a while you just got to cut the rope.

I have big plans for 2016 and I try to see clearly what needs to happen to achieve my goals - personal and professional. I try to see as clearly as possible what i want my professional life and my life together with my husband to look like one day. For me, the image "Breaking Habits" expresses this strong and positive feeling you have when you "let go" for all the right reasons because you know deep down that only letting go first will lead you one step closer to the life you truly want.

Here are some behind-the-scenes snapshots of the shoot. Biggest thing I learned from this image? Get a better remote release! Jumping from my position to the camera and back with tied legs was....a bit of a challenge (but also a good workout ;) )