Dance Without the Devil on your Back

I shot this image two weeks ago and finished editing the night before my birthday last week. It is a very simple image but holds a lot of meaning for me. Letting go and living freely from all ones demons has been something I thought a lot in the past months and I have actively worked towards that freedom. The night before my personal new year started I made the decision that it's time to shake things of and "dance freely". I wanted to remember this feeling with this image and published it that night.

A Book Lover's Image

My latest image reflects a big love of mine - books!! Just the mere smell (yes, i know it sounds strange...) of a new book makes me happy. The quote I picked to accompany this piece is so true:"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies." The many characters, worlds, and lives you get to explore when reading a book.....isn't it amazing? What are my favorite genres? I have no idea. Everything I guess. Ok, I take that back. I don't read cheesy love novels (even though I had this LuAnn Rice phase in my life...) nor do I find books on how to assemble model planes all that interesting. You get the idea.


So, here is my photographic nod to all the book lovers out there. I intend to do a series of images involving books. For this image I picked a vintage version of an English poetry book and it will probably pop up again in future images - my trusty antique book ;) It even has a very cute dedication from 1956 on its first page. I have another image in the pipes, featuring this book, but it is not quite ready yet.